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1. What is the advantage of working with Inlays, Inc.?
Inlays, Inc. offers a variety of products, including depth and safety markers, mosaic pool markers, decorative mosaic inlays and custom capabilities.

2. I see Inlays, Inc. has several product options, which product works best for my situation?
Our products were designed to serve many different needs, please Contact us and we will guide you to the right solution.

3. After looking through the website I didn't see the exact product I was looking for, does Inlays, Inc. have the ability to do different colors, fonts
    or sizes?
Yes, we do. Contact us to discuss exactly what you are looking for.

4. Does Inlays, Inc exhibit at any trade shows?
Yes, we exhibit at several trade shows throughout the United States. Contact us to see if we will be at an event you are attending. 

5. Do I have to buy direct from Inlays, Inc?
No, we have quality distributors all over the United States and Canada that carry our products; we are also pictured in many mail order catalogs. Contact us and we will help you find a distributor in your area.

6. Is there a minimum order?
No, we will accommodate orders of any size.

7. How soon after I place my order will it ship?
All items shown in our catalog, excluding custom work and mosaic pool markers are in stock and available for immediate shipping. Custom and mosaic pool markers usually take 1-3 days depending on the job.

8. What carrier does Inlays, Inc use to ship orders?
For orders under approximately 200# we ship via FedEx. For orders over that amount we'll use either one of our preferred LTL carriers or one specified by you.

9. What is the code in my area for marking swimming pools?
Most states have a code. It is always best to check with your local health department to verify state and local requirements. Inlays, Inc has a diverse product line which meets state codes.

10. Where is Inlays, Inc located?
Little Suamico, Wisconsin (A town just outside of Green Bay, Wisconsin).

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