Ceramic - 4" Top Print

Uses: New Construction or Renovations
Benefits: Superior Durability
Installation: Per Application
  • 6″x6″ Ceramic Tile
  • 4″ Numbers and Letters - Top Print, for better visibility at the water level (smooth only)
  • Smooth Surface (only)
  • Frost Resistant
  • Specs: 1/4″ Thickness
  • True Size: 5 7/8″ x 5 7/8″
  • Download Metric Conversion Chart

Browse Other Series:
FT Series
0 with FT
Waterline: CCT610000
1/2 with FT
Waterline: CCT610005
1 with FT
Waterline: CCT610010
1 1/2 with FT
Waterline: CCT610015
2 with FT
Waterline: CCT610020
2 1/2 with FT
Waterline: CCT610025
3 with FT
Waterline: CCT610030
3 1/2 with FT
Waterline: CCT610035
4 with FT
Waterline: CCT610040
4 1/2 with FT
Waterline: CCT610045
5 with FT
Waterline: CCT610050
5 1/2 with FT
Waterline: CCT610055
6 with FT
Waterline: CCT610060
6 1/2 with FT
Waterline: CCT610065
7 with FT
Waterline: CCT610070
7 1/2 with FT
Waterline: CCT610075
8 with FT
Waterline: CCT610080
8 1/2 with FT
Waterline: CCT610085
9 with FT
Waterline: CCT610090
9 1/2 with FT
Waterline: CCT610091
10 with FT
Waterline: CCT610092
11 with FT
Waterline: CCT610093
12 with FT
Waterline: CCT610094
13 with FT
Waterline: CCT610095
14 with FT
Waterline: CCT610096
1 Offset to Right
Waterline: CCT610099
IN Series
0 with IN
Waterline: CCT610500
1 with IN
Waterline: CCT610501
2 with IN
Waterline: CCT610502
3 with IN
Waterline: CCT610503
4 with IN
Waterline: CCT610504
5 with IN
Waterline: CCT610505
6 with IN
Waterline: CCT610506
7 with IN
Waterline: CCT610507
8 with IN
Waterline: CCT610508
9 with IN
Waterline: CCT610509
10 with IN
Waterline: CCT610510
11 with IN
Waterline: CCT610511
12 with IN
Waterline: CCT610512
18 with IN
Waterline: CCT610518
NO Series
(number only)
Waterline: CCT611000
(number only)
Waterline: CCT611005
(number only)
Waterline: CCT611010
1 1/2
(number only)
Waterline: CCT611015
(number only)
Waterline: CCT611020
2 1/2
(number only)
Waterline: CCT611025
(number only)
Waterline: CCT611030
3 1/2
(number only)
Waterline: CCT611035
(number only)
Waterline: CCT611040
4 1/2
(number only)
Waterline: CCT611045
(number only)
Waterline: CCT611050
5 1/2
(number only)
Waterline: CCT611055
(number only)
Waterline: CCT611060
6 1/2
(number only)
Waterline: CCT611065
(number only)
Waterline: CCT611070
7 1/2
(number only)
Waterline: CCT611075
(number only)
Waterline: CCT611080
8 1/2
(number only)
Waterline: CCT611085
(number only)
Waterline: CCT611090
9 1/2
(number only)
Waterline: CCT611091
(number only)
Waterline: CCT611092
(number only)
Waterline: CCT611093
(number only)
Waterline: CCT611094
(number only)
Waterline: CCT611095
(number only)
Waterline: CCT611096
AB Series
Waterline: CCT613500
Waterline: CCT613505
Waterline: CCT613510
Waterline: CCT613515
MD Series
Metric-0 with Decimal
Waterline: CCT612500
Metric-1 with Decimal
Waterline: CCT612510
Metric-2 with Decimal
Waterline: CCT612520
Metric-3 with Decimal
Waterline: CCT612530
Metric-4 with Decimal
Waterline: CCT612540
MM Series
Metric-0 with M
Waterline: CCT613000
Metric-1 with M
Waterline: CCT613010
Metric-2 with M
Waterline: CCT613020
Metric-3 with M
Waterline: CCT613030
Metric-4 with M
Waterline: CCT613040
Metric-5 with M
Waterline: CCT613050
Metric-6 with M
Waterline: CCT613060
Metric-7 with M
Waterline: CCT613070
Metric-8 with M
Waterline: CCT613080
Metric-9 with M
Waterline: CCT613090
MDM Series
Metric-0.3 with M
Waterline: CCT612703
Metric-0.5 with M
Waterline: CCT612705
Metric-0.6 with M
Waterline: CCT612706
Metric-0.8 with M
Waterline: CCT612708
Metric-0.9 with M
Waterline: CCT612709
Metric-1.1 with M
Waterline: CCT612711
Metric-1.2 with M
Waterline: CCT612712
Metric-1.4 with M
Waterline: CCT612714
Metric-1.5 with M
Waterline: CCT612715
Metric-1.7 with M
Waterline: CCT612717
Metric-1.8 with M
Waterline: CCT612718
Metric-2.0 with M
Waterline: CCT612720
Metric-2.1 with M
Waterline: CCT612721
Metric-2.3 with M
Waterline: CCT612723
Metric-2.4 with M
Waterline: CCT612724
Metric-2.6 with M
Waterline: CCT612726
Metric-2.7 with M
Waterline: CCT612727
Metric-2.9 with M
Waterline: CCT612729
Metric-3.0 with M
Waterline: CCT612730
Metric-3.2 with M
Waterline: CCT612732
Metric-3.4 with M
Waterline: CCT612734
Metric-3.5 with M
Waterline: CCT612735
Metric-3.7 with M
Waterline: CCT612737
Metric-3.8 with M
Waterline: CCT612738
MG Series
Feet Deep
(2" Letters)
Waterline: CCT611530
(2" Letters)
Waterline: CCT611531
Inches Deep
(2" Letters)
Waterline: CCT611532
Foot Deep
(2" Letters)
Waterline: CCT611533
(2" Letters)
Waterline: CCT611534
(2" Letters)
Waterline: CCT611535
(2" Letters)
Waterline: CCT611537
MMG Series
NO DIVING (4 Tile)
Waterline: CCT612000